Carl Franco, President and Founder of the Canadian School
of Private Investigation and Security Ltd.

An example to everyone who dreams of a better life!

Carl-2-348Carl Franco is an example to all who seek to improve themselves and get ahead. His long and varied career provides ample proof that with hard work and determination, you can achieve your dreams, no matter what they are.

Mr. Franco’s many accomplishments reflect his determination and commitment to professional development and they are a testament to his abilities and his wide range of interests. In his nearly five decades in the field of private investigation, he has become a true leader, showing tremendous drive and vision.

Investigation Work Followed a Career in Policing

Carl Franco began as a police officer, was soon promoted to the rank of Sergeant and later to Detective, where he distinguished himself. After his career in policing, he embarked on a new journey, into the world of private investigation. Here he found that his police background had not equipped him with all the skills he’d need for investigation work. To acquire those skills, he became a qualified Insurance Adjuster and Insurance Underwriter, and worked tirelessly at developing his “people” skills through his vast network of associates and professional associations.

An International Reputation

Through sheer hard work and perseverance, Mr. Franco added many of the largest law firms, insurance companies, adjusters and private organizations to his list of clients. He is known across North America, in Europe and the Middle East.

Sharing the Vision: CSPIS is Born

With his unique set of skills and a new dream to pass on what he had learned in a lifetime acquiring credentials and experience, Mr. Franco took on the task of founding the most authoritative academic institution in Canada for private investigators and security professionals.

In 1980, the years of preparation and planning came to fruition: the Canadian School of Private Investigation and Security opened its doors, the only educational institution in Canada dedicated exclusively to professional advancement within the private sector of law enforcement. In the three decades since then, Mr. Franco has been the guiding force at the school and he has taught its many students.

He also remains active in the investigation industry, with two successful private investigation agencies under his direction.