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Ontario’s Ministry security license is a great start. But as a front-line security worker, you could face situations that will test your abilities to the maximum, and for that, you’ll benefit from achieving your security diploma. The range of situations in which security personnel must work is broad, from providing guard services at ordinary business locations to dealing with chaotic crime scenes and life-threatening emergencies of all kinds.
If you’d like to exceed security license qualifications and build a career in this exciting and rewarding industry, CSPIS offers an intensive security diploma program designed to give you the essential skills to find employment quickly. You’ll learn to handle routine security/protection issues, as well as how to assess and respond to threats and other special situations. First Aid and CPR training are also included.
A security guard standing with his back turned towards the viewer in a large hallway. We can see that the guard has a baton, flashlight and two-way radio attached to his belt.

Course Outline

A chalk outline of a deceased individual taken at the scene of the crime. There are two evidence markers indicating specific points of interest.

Section 1

General Security

Section 2

Physical Security

A computer generated image of a persons head looking towards the left side of the frame. The face is made up of lines of code.
A security graphic showing different forms of security technologies a guard might use. There is a security camera, a finger print in reference to fingerprint scanners and a digital lock indicating areas that are code or password protected.

Section 3

Security Threats

Main Areas of The Program

In addition to the curriculum outlined above, CSPIS provides Use of Force Training and Hand Cuffing/Baton Training as supplements to the Security Protection Practitioner program.

Employment Options and Opportunities for Security Protection Practitioner Graduates
The private security industry provides a broad range of employment opportunities today as well as many diverse career-building options to meet tomorrow’s demands and challenges. Employment options include proprietary and contract positions.

Contract Security Positions

Proprietary Security

Entrance Requirements

You may qualify for mature student status if you are over 19 years of age and have at least one full year of work experience.

Contract Security Positions

Marks are awarded for independent and classroom exercises, quizzes, tests and exams.

For more information about our Security Protection Practitioner diploma course, please contact our Admissions Department.

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